A Brief History of Beer & Where to Find It

A Brief History of BeerSometimes, a venue can make or break a show. When the performance is all about beer, the Victoria Event Center is perfect. They are a licensed alcohol facility and cheering more than a mug is encouraged. I had root beer instead of the other kind. When it played at the 2018 Victoria Fringe Festival last month, the buzz certainly had me deciding to go check it out.

I had to stay sober tho’, as I know my limits (namely I was driving). This show next moved to the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and now the company, Wish Experience, is taking a break. I’m sure this team will be back for the next round of Fringe shows. Even though this show began in 2016, I see it could use further polishing.

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When James goes awry, Ed gets to play

Maude Hunter’s Pub
3810 Shelbourne St.
Victoria, BC

(250) 721-2337

I’m left with the task of holding down the fort because my partner, James, is struggling through some tough financial times. That means we won’t be doing as many articles together. Not like this mattered before, since we live in two different areas of Victoria, but this news is important for those readers looking for our humorous banter about the eateries we hit.

The straight man is out and the little fella will be running around loose.

So down the road I went, to Maude Hunter’s Pub to enjoy a meal and to hang out with my buddies from the Nexus Newspaper. It was the end of the Fall/Winter publishing year and we usually have a gathering before people spread their wings as Spring hits.

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