How to Bust a Funk for Halloween with Helheim Beer

HOUSE OF FUNK – House of Funk Brewing Co.

House of Funk
350 Esplanade E
North Vancouver, BC
Hours: 1-9 p.m.
Phone: (604) 770-3646

The House of Funk Brewing Co. is more than just another microbrewery based out of North Vancouver. They offer pretzels, schnitzels, beer mustards, sauerkraut, pickled beets, yams bratwurst and other tasty treats in their dining section of the brewhouse. It’s an operation I’d love to visit because they may well be the next best thing to Skål Beer Hall in Seattle as far as sticking to a Scandanavian theme goes. Borders are slowly reopening, but to have something a lot more local makes sense!

This relatively new operation started business in 2019. Anyone who’s missed out in collecting and tasting their past brews are simply out of luck.

In what got my attention is their trippy peace loving company logo. The packaging design of their cans are beautiful. Those who love coffee will find their online sales offer up a lot of unique choices! They are sold in either 2 or 5lb bags.

URD // dry hopped saison (4-pack) - 473ml cans – House of Funk Brewing Co.

But in what I adore are their Nordic inspired brews. Sadly, I discovered this line too late and have missed out in many early concotions. I remain hopeful they’ll be rereleased. In what can be found in regular supply are Valhalla and Juno. Both are wonderful beers with floral notes, and I can party every day with the former. The latter, I’d save for special occasions.

Tis the season to venture to the underworld with Helheim (last year’s was Debauchery). Anyone who knows their Norse mythology tis is a drink for dead souls to savour over. Hel is the underworld. Tastes of “overripe grapefruit, funky barnyard and pine resin. It’s hard to say just who comes up with the idea, but it’s a “west coast” inspired IPA. Adding more juice helps make the taste even better. As strange as it is to have sweeter over bitter is a strange combination that deserves figuring out so my tastebuds are accustomed to it.

This drink is no doubt a Halloween beer. The flavour notes are very specific to suggest the forlorn, and it certainly warmed me up during a frosty night.

Sadly, the Norn series of beers are over with. Skuld and Verðandi are no longer in the market. All I have are photos from the tweets this company posted and Urd is currently available online (to ship within BC) than at stores. Hopefully the company will recognize the popularity of these brews and rerelease them next year. That way, collectors can pick up these drinks again as it’s not likely this company sell prints of their work. If they finally offer them, they’d make a killing as I’d want to buy them all! The Berserker in me would approve and many lives would be saved.


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