Fine Dining at the Chalet

Today’s installment comes from our guest writer, Michael Allen, the webmaster of 28 Days Later Analysis, an informative website dedicated to news and reviews in the independent horror entertainment scene.

Deep Cove Chalet
11190 Chalet Road
West Saanich, BC

(250) 656-3541

The French-styled Deep Cove Chalet has been a fine dining experience along the west coast for over forty years. It is run by married couple Pierre & Bev Koffel. Lunch and dinner are served between Wednesday and Sunday, with the summer season offering courses on the beautiful deck, overlooking the water.

The complimentary fresh poppy seed bread and cold bottles of water helped clean the palette as we anticipated new tastes. This dining occasion was a birthday celebration and the co-owner, Bev, provided chocolate truffles for Mercia. The smiles were genuine and the service was delivered on a very high level of professionalism and care.

I chose the four course dinner valued at $58 and soon slices of avocado were served in fresh salads, along with slices of smoked salmon. The clams for the chowder were picked locally and the main entrée, cooked halibut with potato scales, was simply delicious; much of the seafood is from local Saanich shores. Also included in this dining experience was a chocolate cake, but this new Deep Cove Chalet enthusiast chose the sorbet ($8). It absolutely melts in your mouth in a nice combination of lemon, lime, and raspberry.

Coffee ($3) ended the evening with a flourish. We ate rich, flavourful truffles ($10) as the late night came to a close.

Overall, dishes were brought at the correct time, with some spacing between courses, to allow for digestion of the food and the atmosphere.

For a full French cuisine dining event, The Deep Cove Chalet must be tried to experience all the necessary elements of a fine dining sitting: service, atmosphere, and the tastes. This award winning restaurant delivers the best of all three of the aforementioned elements. And this is not an experience that is forgotten, but instead best shared and remembered with a close group of friends or family, as something truly fantastical. The Deep Cove Chalet simply cannot be beat for fresh tastes and gorgeous views.

Visitor’s Tip:
Sitting in the traditional styled wooden cabin, overlooking the water as the sun sets is truly magical. It is best to go at just the right time to watch the water change colour from deep reds to pinks and finally into light and then dark blues. The view is hypnotic, while the garden along the side invites diners outside for a short walk, or a sit down in the illuminated garden. Small statues of frogs and assorted enchanted figures give the patio a magical feel, while the exterior will charge feelings of romance for some couples. Also, check out the view of the local vineyards and the classic French Citroens (vehicles) in the lot. This is one patio and interior design that leaves you feeling warm and cozy and the view promises more magic and delights.

5 Blokes out of 5

Photography by Michael Allen

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