The Vancouver Island Holiday Events Guide

Christmas Hammy 4Christmas is coming,
the Blokes are getting fat
please do put some money
in the food bank’s hat
if you haven’t got some money,
a food donation will do
if you haven’t got a food donation
than God bless you!

It’s not the exact lyrics to “Christmas Is Coming,” an American Christmas carol, but I thought I would give it a West Coast Canadian twist instead. The holidays are fast approaching (although some may dread it), but do keep in mind that the holidays shouldn’t be about commercialism. What truly matters is to spend this time of year with your family, your friends, and to have enough food on the table to share it with them.

If you believe in exchanging gifts, I would say keeping it simple is the best way to go about it. Avoid maxing out your credit card, pay cash for simple gifts. And if you can’t afford something, then price isn’t the be all and end all, it is the thought that counts. When buying a gift, I try to make my purchases at locally owned shops. This means buying from an independent store and not from a corporate owned or franchise. Doing so ensures your money stays on the West Coast rather than being sent to a company in a Eastern capital city or the United States.

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