The Road to Germany at Rathskeller


The Rathskeller Schnitzel House
1205 Quadra St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 386-9348

J: After eating our weight around Victoria and up and down this island, I’ve grown a little tired of the local restaurant scene. There are some good places, but in order to really get a large variety of restaurants, I would have to leave this city for greener pastures.

E: And before we see some old establishments completely disappear, I suggested that we visit the only one German Restaurant before it completely closes. The Times Colonist reported the news that this establishment will be closing, near the end of the year — and the faithful will be coming here to feast for perhaps one last time.

J: That is why I was eager to check out this Bavarian restaurant I forgotten. It has been in this city for over 40 years and this was my first time stepping onto the premises. But not Ed, he’s a veteran.

E: I’ve been here a few times, and generally enjoyed the food. This was before Two Hungry Blokes started, and while I did not think the food was exceptional, I had to see if anything has changed in the years that passed. There are a few Polish diners in town that I enjoy going to more. I was Hungary for something unique I don’t often find elsewhere. The last time I enjoyed a truly enjoyable German meal was in Leavenworth, Washington where I got Amadeus to “feed me.”

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Feed Me Amadeus!

Cafe Mozart Restaurant
829 Front Street
Leavenworth, Washington
(509) 548-0600

I’ve had German food before and usually, never found it hugely spectacular. Maybe that’s because there’s only one place back home (The Rathskeller) that I’m aware of which never really exemplified the best of what this regional style of food offers. To really enjoy the basics, I had to find more than just the differences in how the food is cooked.

While in a tourist town like Leavenworth, I set aside my reservations and parlayed into a restaurant named after my favourite composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. With a bit of Yvonne’s heritage in tow, she could tell me more about the intricacies of what makes a good sauerkraut.

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