When Pulling Into Harbour, You Leave the Sailor at Sea

Harbour House Restaurant
607 Oswego St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 386-1244

E: I could get used to dining at the swanky Harbour House. One benefit for tourists is that it’s barely a hop, skip and a jump away from The Clipper and the nearby hotels in the bustling Inner Harbour of Victoria, BC. If I’m sounding like an ad, then yeah, that’s the purpose. Forget the Old Spaghetti Factory. Come here instead!

J: Harbour House has been providing fine dining in Victoria for 37 years. Their motto at the door is “We dress up so you don’t have to” and it couldn’t be closer to the truth. Our server was dressed in a tuxedo with bow tie for the finishing touch. If he had said “walk this way” and then waddled like an adelie penguin I might’ve walked the same manner due to the posh interior of the restaurant. But don’t worry, the prices aren’t as posh as one would expect.

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A Little Taste of Italy

Pizzeria Prima Strada
2960 Bridge St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-4380

J: With our bellies empty and wallets full, Ed and I donned our tights and made the mad dash to Pizzeria Prima Strada. What was once a garage is now home to brick oven baked pizzas. It seems only fitting that the place which once tuned-up cars now services people.

And that’s a good thing because we were both in need of more than a regular service. With the amount of greasy pizzas both of us had consumed in the past, Ed’s rear end shocks needed replacing and I felt like a beat up 58′ Ford Edsel.

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