How to do the Fringe Part 4: Going Club Med

Blair Mart Mediterranean Foods
924 Pandora Ave
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 721-1626

The fact that this grocery store is open after 8pm can easily have me singing the praises to Allah than that other deity. But if I am to look around the corner, I might find a shrine to Zeus tucked way and I’d still be awestruck.

To see this store still open (9pm) after Whiskey Bars: a kabarett with the songs of Kurt Weill must show that the staff has dedication. Actually, I think there’s only one guy who operates this store and he’s very accommodating to the night life in Victoria. People can venture in to buy groceries or grab a bite to eat nearly any time of the day. There’s a small deli serving up Halva’s, Nougats, and Baklavas. For me, it’d be the authentic and homemade Turkish Delights.

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