Going Vegetarian at Rebar Modern Food

20230204_16432750 Bastion Square
Victoria, BC 

Hours: Weds to Sun 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Menu: rebarmodernfood.com
Phone: (250) 361-9223

I can easily do the jailhouse rock at Rebar Modern Food. Or rather, I might get jailed for going vegetarian since I’m better known for going primal, enjoying steaks at home than dining out for them. It saves me money since prices jump when getting somebody else to prepare them. But for fish, I get it; you have to slice those fillets and crisp it just right to bring out the flavour and texture of the meat. 

This cozy restaurant is tucked to one corner in the famously haunted Bastion Square. As we chatted about the paranormal, on her way here, I wondered if this place had any stories. I know the pubs that’ are up a few doors from this place are, but I don’t recall if there are any stories here. Not like it’d deter us from sitting down for a bite. We were greeted by a friendly server, and opted for a seat with a view of the area.

I’m very pleased to say their greens are tops. Unlike other places where I sometimes get something less than crispy, the flavours and tastes for even a salad had me smacking my lips. I loved the cucumber dill dressing that went with my Blackened Rockfish Burger. I wasn’t sure if that’d fill me, as I had a small snack before coming into town to meet my friend from the National Film Board of Canada after a Victoria Film Festival screening. I was more interested in the Q&A since I got to see the documentary, The Colour of Ink, prior. This work is simply beautiful in teaching viewers about what this medium can do. My review can be read on the sister site, Otakunoculture.com.

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At Home with Island Poké

Island Poké
1674 Douglas St
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11am to 9pm
Phone: (250) 590-0801

I’m not sure how long it will take to eat all the available salad combinations available at Island Poké. After two visits, I need three more to go. That’s because there are four signature bowls — the Ohana, Island, Salemona and Earth — and the last visit, I craved a build your own crazy combo. Scallops with masago, pineapple, sesame seeds and jalapeno peppers is a crazy combination. I could’ve asked to double up, but didn’t want to set my mouth afire.

When my craving is for seafood burritos, they got a Rock & Roll and CRUNCHii which I have to try out. Each of these have way too many ingredients to list. Instead of naming them all, I will point out the highlights.

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Blokes Break for the Border

soft tacos porto.jpg

Puerto Vallarta Amigos

500 Yates Street.

Dock C-12
Fisherman’s Wharf,
1 Dallas Rd.

Uptown Center,
3400 Saanich Road.
, BC

(250) 514-5362

735 Yates Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 884-5313

2015 Update: Puerto Amigos has since expanded operations to include one operating at Fisherman’s Wharf and Uptown Center.

E: No, James didn’t have sex change operation, but I like to introduce you to guest-writer, Janine Crockett. She’s a fellow classmate at Camosun and is a vegetarian. It’ll make for an interesting dynamic for the times when can get a different point of view when she’s able to join the team for our foodie outings. When there are times that James can’t make it out, I hope Janine can too.

After all the sushi I had in the past few weeks, a yen for soft tacos started to emerge and we went to Puerto Vallarta Amigos, a vending truck operation that’s said to make some delicious meals on the go.

J: Thanks, Ed. I’m glad you cleared up my introduction. I wouldn’t want to confuse any of James loved ones or my own for that matter.

As Ed said I’m a vegetarian, I find Mexican food is generally a good go to for me if I’m looking for a fast meal around town. I never heard of Puerto Vallarta but I was excited to give them a go. I was surprised at their vegetarian selection of tacos. They had three equally different choices and with six coming in an order, I chose to go with two of each.

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