There’s Good Thai Over the Blue Bridge

Zap Thai Restaurant
1207 Esquimalt Rd.
Esquimalt, BC
(250) 389-1845

E: So many jokes can be made with a diner simply named Zap Thai, but upon walking in, I wondered if James and I entered a radio fix-it shop or we wandered into a gym. The ornaments were mixed, but it made for an interesting cozy atmosphere where Thai food can be enjoyed in the middle of the municipality of Esquimalt.

J: The atmosphere is as mom and pop as you can get. It is in the same strip mall were once a locally known burger place was situated. I visited the shop in the 80’s but now that it’s long gone and Pad Thai is here, I have a reason to return. And for you young girls, you may appreciate the hunky male server who looked more like he belonged in a gym than a restaurant. Hopefully his lack of enthusiasm wasn’t a sign of things to come.

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