Fish and … what?

Red Fish, Blue Fish
1006 Wharf St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 298-6877

J: I would like you to meet one of the newest fish in the ocean, Red Fish, Blue Fish. It’s a small shack down near the Inner Harbour and across from the seaplane airport. The location is prime; there’s a lovely view of the Inner Harbour, and plenty of space to sit and enjoy your meal.

They offer seafood with a flair and is an Ocean Wise partner. After you giggle at the obviously inspired Dr. Seuss name, you can stop long enough to sink your teeth into a BBQ Fanny Bay oyster tacone.

E: I can think of better oysters to eat, James. Fanny Bay is good, but there are other varieties. I’ve been to Nautical Nellie’s and Ferris’ to sample a lot of oysters (usually raw). There are juicier and tastier options; they vary in texture and sweetness. And for me, Red Fish Blue Fish is a shack for other kinds of seafood to enjoy.

J: I still drool over oysters served to me at Barb’s Fish & Chips. In the 1990’s I used to buy mouth watering oyster burgers from North Pender Island’s The Stand. They were located at the Otter Bay B.C. Ferry dock.

And If it comes from the ocean, I’ll usually eat it cooked or raw without any real hesitation.

E: Now I’m there. While James munched away, my first sampling was of its french fries. And boy, were they good. I was smacking my lips more often than what a fish would if it were still alive. Well, at least I don’t feel remorse for the dead fish who sacrificed their lives to keep us humans alive.

J: The curry chips (half order at $3.50) is covered heartily in red curry sauce. Wrapped in newspaper for take-out, the chips were very tasty. I could have wontonly shoved a plateful down my gullet. The sauce reminded me of something found in a Chef Boyardee tin. It was very tangy but finger licking good.

E: Uh, James…I bought the fries, not you. Hey, what’re you doing with my dining guide? … gimme that Dining Guide back!

J: Well you did tell me the guide had good eats. It needs a little salt though.

E: Anyways, if you want to see a full on review about what I thought of the fries, check out my column over at Nexus. I’ll be back for some good ol’ fish n’ chips here, but I gotta detox first. Yes, I’m still doing reviews for my college’s student paper. And while I’m looking to branch out, James is lookiing to take a bite out of Victoria instead. At least he had something that is considered food.

J: Unfortunately, the oyster in the BBQ Fanny Bay oyster tacone ($6.00) wasn’t as fresh as it could’ve been. It didn’t remind me of the sea with that briney taste, and was a little tough to chew in the middle. The aioli and the lemon pickled onions concocted a scrumptious, mouth watering flavour which almost made up for the not so fresh oyster.

All criticism aside, I’d definitely return for lunch if I were in the area. The food is decent and the price suits my Scottish frugalness. But I advise people to avoid the eat and run. If the view doesn’t recharge your batteries than a lung full of the salt air will.

4 Blokes out of 5

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  1. I'm so glad you posted the pic of James eating the magazine. hehehe


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