Summertime Plaid

Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival
Topaz Park
Victoria, BC

It’s the weekend that Summer officially begins and I had a choice of geeking out at a Steampunk convention or heading to the 147th Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival. I’m glad I did the latter because I’m dying for an opportunity to try haggis. Sadly, there was none to be found but plenty to toss about.

I could’ve ran out to the field to catch one, but I’m sure I’d be recreating a moment from Braveheart with angry Scots chasing after me. With no James in sight to catch the ball, I’m just gonna get plummeled.

Yes, there was Scottish food to be found, but not of the variety that I hoped. I can certainly understand that it’s impossible to predict how many pieces are haggis are needed to feed a hungry mass of people, and rationing would be required. But this isn’t the Blitz.

But at least I didn’t come out disappointed. I made some inquiries and was told haggis can be bought locally in the Brentwood Bay area.

Just head on up to Orr Ronald & Son Family Butcher on 7103 West Saanich Road anytime and ask for it. If you don’t know how to properly cook it, they’ll provide instructions. Now going there will be in my itenary of things to do!

At least I picked up some sweets for my sweet … tooth, that is. I picked up a pack of Buchanan’s Scottish Clotted Cream Fudge. I like to let fudges dissolve in my mouth than to chew it, and this went down like fresh honey. There’s a texture of the honeycomb itself, totally powdered down in this fudge, and I can see myself eating more.

But on another confectionary side, I discovered that there’s a popular Scottish drink known as Irn Bru, and must admit, it’s quite tasty. One either loves it or hates it, and I savoured it. Instead of a dark brown liquid, it’s bright and gingery. I’m not sure if its just my imagination or not, but there’s a slight citrus taste. I’d have to buy more and really slowly drink it to test this drink’s complexity out more.

Fortunately, for Victorians, it can be found locally. Just head over to Gonzales Pharmacy (1845 Fairfield Road). I’m certainly going to go down there and pick up a six pack.

What I’ll be sporting is a buddha-pack at the rate I’m going.


One thought on “Summertime Plaid

  1. Sorry you missed the haggis! They blessed some and handed out tastes at the Bard & Banker-sponsored tent by the middle field at about 2:30 on Sunday. I just happened to be there, so had my first taste. Have to say, I think it is an acquired taste. Unlike the whiskey.


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