Spin me an Ice Cream

8aa3174ec22106894fe617617391a7a3_400x400Spinnakers Brew Pub
308 Catherine Street

Victoria West, BC
(250) 384-2739

What’s in an essence—the flavour? the spirit within? Perhaps it’s the divine force that’s unique to each and every soul.

In this case, it’s what’s unique to each and every ingredient. Spinnaker’s prides themselves in locally grown and produced products, and while I stopped by to purchase tickets to the coming Island Chefs’ Collaborative 3rd annual food festival, Defending our Backyard, I couldn’t help but notice they were selling ice cream too, at $6 per 12 oz tub.

The Rose Petal ice cream has a unique rapture when tasted for the first time. You can smell the aroma and Spinnker’s successfully distilled the essence in this ice cream flavour. There’s a hint of vanilla, and who would think I’d end up eating roses for dessert. The pink colour doesn’t scare me. Instead, it challenges me to get in touch with … yes, my feminine side. I feel more connected to my yin and yang after eating this ice cream.

Now I can only imagine what ordering it at the brew pub will be like. I just hope they’ll have this flavour the next time I visit. According to Google, sometimes the ice cream is garnished with actual rose petals and I may make an ice cream tamale with the flower petal.

But, I’m also in heaven over the Honey Pine Nut. That’s like pure ambrosia. I haven’t found ice cream made this nicely in a long time. The ratio of nuts to the ice cream is perfect.

I hate it when some store-bought brands pile in too much extra goodies into the ice cream. It overpowers the finer texture of the cream itself and Dairy Queen is notorious for this technique. Especially with some of their candy-based Blizzards. Often, I find myself just leaving those extra nuggets in the cup than eating it all. And most store-bought brands have more crunch per spoonful than I do teeth.

I’d have to say Spinnaker’s in-house made ice cream is now on top of my list for unique flavours. To eat ice cream any other way, it better be crisped or set on fire.


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