1st Annual Victoria Spot Prawn Festival

Victoria Spot Prawn Festival
former E & N Roundhouse
253 Esquimalt Rd.
Victoria West
Victoria, BC

The first annual Victoria Spot Prawn Festival had me chewing and nibbling on the two of my most favourite essences from the sea: oysters and prawns. Well, technically this event is for this beautiful crustacean.

Three weeks in, I imagine enough was gathered to have this show run on from 11am to 5pm in order to feed many hungry mouths! Because James is resting up to help as a “heavy-lifter” at a film set, I was left to attend this event on my own. I could have done both days.

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Spin me an Ice Cream

8aa3174ec22106894fe617617391a7a3_400x400Spinnakers Brew Pub
308 Catherine Street

Victoria West, BC
(250) 384-2739

What’s in an essence—the flavour? the spirit within? Perhaps it’s the divine force that’s unique to each and every soul.

In this case, it’s what’s unique to each and every ingredient. Spinnaker’s prides themselves in locally grown and produced products, and while I stopped by to purchase tickets to the coming Island Chefs’ Collaborative 3rd annual food festival, Defending our Backyard, I couldn’t help but notice they were selling ice cream too, at $6 per 12 oz tub.

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