Heading out to the Highway

And I got nothin’ to lose at all. Judas Priest has nothing to what I’ll be doing in the coming week, and there should be a few articles from Yvonne and I, while James holds the fort back home.

He’s shifting focus to go look at the some foods you can buy at the grocery stores while I do a little culinary adventure of what Washington State can offer in our road-trip.

You’ll have to ask him why he isn’t part of this trip, but I think it had something to do with a bear. She didn’t appreciate him eying that salmon she just recently fished out of the river, or something ….

I could say I’m goin’ to do it my way (heck, I’d be tackling that bear down too for fresh sashimi) and takin’ a chance before I fall.

Anyways, I’ll be competing against Yogi if we end up in Yellowstone, but then, the whole trip will be one huge adventure.

We will be making a stop in Seattle so I can hit the Crab Pot again. That’s for certain, but there’ll be other places too as we work our way eastwards, perhaps through mythic lakes, ice-torn landmarks and an eerie ghost town too.

There’ll be updates as ‘net access permits.


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