Death by Sugar and it’s not Cheese

Cow Chip Cookies
102A 1st Avenue South,
Seattle, Washington
(206) 292-9808

One thing I have to ask is that who doesn’t love pie? Or some of that stuff cows poo out? Well, that’s the gimmick some cookie chefs use just to gross people out, and it works. When Yvonne challenged me to try it, I did.

By hook or by crook, there’s nothing that’ll scare me away. Even the basic cookie is worth rating and I can finally say that I found the one that I’ve been after for a very long time. I love my cookies gooey and soft. There should be enough intensity without having to knock a tooth loose. Well, any sugar will.

I despise hard baked cookies. The softer they are the tastier they are. It’s almost like eating dough. A good cookie, like one of Cow Chip’s, should be malleable. And it has to be a gooey mess to make a soft cookie really good.

I’d rate these fad cookies from Cow Chip as a definite step above gourmet cookies. Even for the stuff that you buy at a grocery store or a bakery, they don’t always make ’em soft.

Just because a food item may look like something you stepped on, it doesn’t always mean it’ll taste like it.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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