The Voodoo Verdict

Voodoo Doughnut Shop
22 SW 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon
(503) 241-4704


I survived the three-day sugar binge, and I must say Voodoo Doughnuts certainly has the mojo. Even after a few days, these doughnuts stood the test of time in my iron stomach. The toppings remained sweet and I’m surprised I didn’t go into a sugary coma. Fortunately, I didn’t survive on just doughnuts alone. I had a decent meal to accompany my morning sugar rush. But before these doughnuts became too old, I had to try the show stoppers first.

The bacon maple bar is everything it lives up to be. With a combination of delights to satisfy both the bacon lover and sweet tooth in me, I know what I’ll be asking for the next time I’m here.

And that monstrosity known as the cock-n-balls isn’t for the faint of heart. The Bavarian cream that’s used in this phallic shaped doughnut is satisfyingly good, but there wasn’t enough to lick off. And I had to wonder what’d happen if I wedged this doughnut with one of their traditional McMinnville Cream doughnuts.

But waitaminute—the cooks here sometimes fill the holes of their doughnuts!

Dirty thoughts aside, this place certainly has a thing going with their aptly named designer doughnuts. I didn’t find their cake based doughnuts any better than any other place, but I did find myself finishing off two of those doughnuts that night.

I saved the rest to share with Yvonne in the next few days of our road trip. There’s plenty in the box to go around for four people.

In the Voodoo Dozen, there was a Miami Vice Berry (made with blue raspberry powder and pink sprinkles), Apple Fritter, Chocolate Coconut (a chocolate cake dressed with coconut flakes), Dirt (made from Oreos) and The Loop (made from Fruit Loops) nestled amongst other flavours. The prices in this box range from 95 cents to $1.50.

The more exotic pieces start at $3.95 and they have to be ordered separately. Or you can pay more to customize your pink box of sugary goodness.

With an average wait time of 30mins to get to the counter, and just like Krispy Kreme, these doughnuts need to be enjoyed sooner than later. And I had no regrets in buying a dozen. The $10.25 price is just right when considering the volume they offer.

Although what I bought was not hot out of the frier fresh, I found a few in my prepackaged selection that I’d consider day-olds. That’s to be expected because age can make or break a doughnut. In the Historic District of Portland, these doughnuts are certainly not out-of-place.

3 Blokes out of 5

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