The Voodoo Verdict

Voodoo Doughnut Shop
22 SW 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon
(503) 241-4704


I survived the three-day sugar binge, and I must say Voodoo Doughnuts certainly has the mojo. Even after a few days, these doughnuts stood the test of time in my iron stomach. The toppings remained sweet and I’m surprised I didn’t go into a sugary coma. Fortunately, I didn’t survive on just doughnuts alone. I had a decent meal to accompany my morning sugar rush. But before these doughnuts became too old, I had to try the show stoppers first.

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Dey Call Me Dr. Craw!

For me, Portland turned into New Orleans for a few hours as Yvonne and I ventured into new territory. With only a road map and instinct to guide us, we were only interested in dodging wet weather. So we headed towards the Columbia river instead, and I partook in other pleasures other than my own growing gullet.

But even for a pit stop for breakfest, I’m sad to say Jack in the Box stopped making their delicious chiabatta burgers. Although discontinued last year, some outlets continued on until about a month ago.

Out of all the burger chains, Jack’s burgers have always tasted better. They’re still holding the crown with a new sourdough bun burger. They’ve been more innovative with what to use for buns than any other national chain and I must say Burger King is looking less appealing these days. I’ve stopped hitting McDonald’s a long time ago because their quality never appealed to me. They just make burgers too small for this growing boy to appreciate.

But what I needed was seafood! I don’t make any bones about it. So far this trip has become more than just a culinary adventure; it’s a bibliophile’s wet dream come true. While in Portland, I had to stop by Powell’s Books and blew my budget. Like I didn’t realize that’d happen. At least I still had my credit card for two of Portland’s famous eateries:

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