Last Chance Production’s Evil Dead the Musical is Coming to Victoria, BC!

file_747610_edmusicalBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Portland, OR
October 14-15, 2016
Alberta Rose Theatre

Vancouver, BC
October 28-29, 2016
Revue Stage at Granville Island

Victoria, BC
November 4-5, 2016
Metro Studio Theatre

Tickets can be bought online here

If you have not made any plans for Halloween yet, Last Chance Productions is taking Evil Dead: The Musical across the Pacific Northwest before, during and after Halloween 2016! This year, they are adding Victoria, BC to the list of where to hit and the timing could not be any better. Since I have seen three versions by different groups, I must say this particular troupe are dedicated film buffs who have an absolute love for the cinematic genre.

And, of course, they promise to lay the blood thick in the splatter zone! When I saw the Arts West production, I did not realize you have to sit very close to the kitchen set to get hit. Depending on whether the show can be held outdoors or indoors, there’s bound to be some hidden sprinklers to really get people soaked! Tip: wear a white shirt if you intend to get soaked with the blood effects. Afterwards, upon leaving the theatre, you can proudly show off their badge of honour.

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The Voodoo Verdict

Voodoo Doughnut Shop
22 SW 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon
(503) 241-4704


I survived the three-day sugar binge, and I must say Voodoo Doughnuts certainly has the mojo. Even after a few days, these doughnuts stood the test of time in my iron stomach. The toppings remained sweet and I’m surprised I didn’t go into a sugary coma. Fortunately, I didn’t survive on just doughnuts alone. I had a decent meal to accompany my morning sugar rush. But before these doughnuts became too old, I had to try the show stoppers first.

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Dey Call Me Dr. Craw!

For me, Portland turned into New Orleans for a few hours as Yvonne and I ventured into new territory. With only a road map and instinct to guide us, we were only interested in dodging wet weather. So we headed towards the Columbia river instead, and I partook in other pleasures other than my own growing gullet.

But even for a pit stop for breakfest, I’m sad to say Jack in the Box stopped making their delicious chiabatta burgers. Although discontinued last year, some outlets continued on until about a month ago.

Out of all the burger chains, Jack’s burgers have always tasted better. They’re still holding the crown with a new sourdough bun burger. They’ve been more innovative with what to use for buns than any other national chain and I must say Burger King is looking less appealing these days. I’ve stopped hitting McDonald’s a long time ago because their quality never appealed to me. They just make burgers too small for this growing boy to appreciate.

But what I needed was seafood! I don’t make any bones about it. So far this trip has become more than just a culinary adventure; it’s a bibliophile’s wet dream come true. While in Portland, I had to stop by Powell’s Books and blew my budget. Like I didn’t realize that’d happen. At least I still had my credit card for two of Portland’s famous eateries:

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