Back home for more food!

Okay, Victoria, B.C. is no true mecca for gastronomic goodness, but it comes close.

After Seattle and Portland, this city feels very smaller but at least we have a certain pride for locally produced products and a few gems which does get international attention.

But as I unwind, I’ll be processing through all the drafts I’ve written up (god bless my iPod touch) of the diners in the smaller towns Yvonne Fried and I visited. We toured through various parts of Washington State, and I went by instinct to see where we should eat.

Out of every place we went to, I’d say only one was disappointing. The rest made for worthwhile stops. I’ll get the articles hopefully posted during the course of the next two weeks.

And at the same time, I’ll nudge James out of his heat induced coma to get some product reviews up.


One thought on “Back home for more food!

  1. I am sick and have felt dragged out over the last 2 days. But I am slowly returning to normal. Product reviews are to come but first I must help edit Ed's wonderful articles from his and Yvonne's dining tour 2010 (official title yet to be decided).


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