Is James Smarter than the Average Bear?

Out of the entire year, today is one of those days where tricks and treats run rampant. If you love to smoke food and savour candied delights—nibbling on smoked candy salmon is one great way to wind down the summer. You’re either fishing the days away or just preparing to hibernate.

Right now this is the season for salmon to come back from whence they came, and if you can catch a few, just what can one do with your haul?

Nigiri sushi? Sure, if you have the girth for it, but I’m thinking about the candied salmon my pal Brydon Parker gave me as a Halloween treat. They’re not going to last long. The tones of smoked hickory and maple syrup are tasty, and I have to see what else he’ll be cooking up.

But also check out local fisheries too. Any fresh salmon that’s now being caught are going to make for some tender delights. I’m on the lookout for local eateries offering freshly caught fish, preferably wild over domesticated.

Sadly, I’m not sure if James is going to join me; he’s been doing a lot of early hibernation and not even a picnic basket is stirring him. He’s certainly been a tough bear to awaken and I’ll just have to play a joke.

I’m going to carefully move him from his home in Jellystone to Yellowstone.

So either with him or not, I’m on the hunt for some wild salmon in the coming weeks.


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