Pizza Pirate’s Parley in Whistler

Misty Mountain Pizza
#203 – 4293 Mountain Square,
(604) 932-2825

Fat Tony’s Pizza
#6 – 4340 Sundial Place,
(604) 962-7744

Avalanche Pizza
#109 – 4295 Blackcomb Way,
(604) 932-3131

Eventually I knew I’d be eating on the cheap. When looking for a quick bite in Whistler, a pizza by the slice averages $3.50. For lunch, I did a walkabout, looking for as many pizza outlets that I could find. There are plenty of places listed in their dining guide, but to reach them all would take a few hours.

I wanted to see what I could find in under one. In what I could discover, there was Misty Mountain Pizza, Fat Tony’s Pizza and Avalanche. I’m sure there’s at least two other places tucked away in the maze known as Whistler Village, but they didn’t capture my attention as well as these three. I saw Grassroots and apparently they’re the cheapest, but I was getting full. While these establishments certainly don’t represent all of Whistler, I found that they all don’t offer the same type of quality.

Over at Misty Mountain, I struggled with what they offered. They had to warm up the slice with a heater that’s tucked in the back. I had the Greek Feta here and it was okay. The cucumbers weren’t all that bad and the sauce wasn’t anything to brag about.

Misty Mountain Pizza on Urbanspoon

At Fat Tony’s Pizza, I felt at home here. When I asked what they had for pizza by the slice, the guy behind the counter caught my attention at the mention of blue cheese. It was baked over crumbled pork and my wad of cash came out faster than me having said, “Give me two slices.” I’ll give this place kudos for offering something new, but overall the dough wasn’t worth bragging about either.

Fat Tony's Pizza on Urbanspoon

That goes to Avalanche. Their organic dough had a beautiful taste to it. Add their special sauce on top of the bread, and I couldn’t be eating the “sausage and green pepper combo” any faster than I could shout, “Shiver me timbers!”

Avalanche Pizza on Urbanspoon

Maybe I just need a Saint Bernard as my companion as I continue in my quest for good pizza. Later that day, I did go out and buy a new hat, a Pendleton, at the Whistler Hat Gallery. I didn’t find a Pirata or Long John, but it would’ve been hilarious to get the looks if I sailed down the hill with one. Now just how can you tow the Black Pearl to a top of a mountain?


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