Exploring the Caribbean

Caribbean Village Cafe
2646 Quadra St.
Quadra Village
Victoria, BC
(250) 381-3363

Curiously, there’s only a handful of Caribbean restaurants, diners and dives in Victoria. After hitting this place, I think that between James and I, we’re close to visiting them all. He’s tailing behind by one, and he’s the one who told me about this hidden gem in Quadra Village.

Well, at the time we were here in this area together, this place looked closed. We didn’t have the opportunity to go in.

I come by the area at least once every few months because of the various stores, and this time I thought I’d stop by for a quick snack. This diner also has other meals to sit down to taste, like soups, but my time was limited.

To grab two samosas with a can of pop for $5.50 was a good deal, but based on what I heard from others, that can sometimes go up to three!

That’s all in the timing. I can’t complain even with the quantity I had. The scents of a deliciously warmed samosa was very enticing and the taste, very good. The curry chicken tasted better than the beef. The textures coming out of the clucker really made the other pale in comparison. There was more than just chicken that was being packed into the pasta pocket; I could taste the lentils with the chicken. The shell itself was really soft and light. It wasn’t crumbly at all.

This low maintenance meal was easy to handle since I forgot to grab napkins. A few wipes of the hand and a visit to a washroom later, I was ready to go meet my friends.

4 Blokes out of 5

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One thought on “Exploring the Caribbean

  1. Try two samosas and a bottle of pop for $3 at the Indian market. Now that's a deal.


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