How to do the Fringe Part 2: Sammiches!

Sam’s Deli & Bistro
805 Government Street

Victoria, BC (250) 382-8424

I ran into my friend Janine just as I was heading to see Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl and here I was, with a bag of chips and a bottle of pop as my dinner. Oh boy, did I ever look sad.

After she looked at what I had, I tucked the chips into my satchel, and we walked down to Government St. for the healthier option at Sam’s Deli. This place is a favourite of her’s, and hopefully I’ll get her to insert a review too.

I ordered a proper meal, a shrimp sandwich complimented with cucumbers ($8.95) on a croissant bun (50 cents extra). And oh boy… that has to be the largest and freshest croissant I’ve ever had. It was soft and wonderfully light. The crisp shell made for a good contrast to the meatier shrimp and mild avocado–my taste buds were doing the Spanish Fandango. While I didn’t find the shrimp to be superb, they were certainly fresh, just like that croissant. That was the highlight.

The éclair was certainly smooth and gently sweet but the prices, however, aren’t. This area of town is priced for the tourist. I paid $13.60 (including taxes) for the two bites, and when one of the workers here got zealous cleaning the tables while I was away cleaning my hands, my bottle of pop went AWOL. Janine was too busy enjoying her meal to notice the tsunami coming in.

When I returned, I wondered where my drink went. I wasn’t angry, but I did have to enquire inside. The gentleman apologized, and said I can grab any drink I wanted from their cooler. That was great of him to do that. The next time I have a yen for a sammich, I’ll certainly be back for more of their croissants.

As far as personal drinks are concerned, I’m putting a beeper on it.

4 Blokes out of 5

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