Getting very Fresh with Local delights, Wild eh?

Fresh Local Wild
Burrard St & W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC

J: The Two Hungry Blokes were in Vancouver for a concert but with Ed’s mindset, we were staying for the food. I just wanted to get to the Georgian Court Hotel for a little nap but Ed planned a detour.

With a hop off the Skytrain, we disappeared into the Waterfront district and reappeared in front of a converted trailer where their title alone was too boastful to readily accept.

E: After seeing a segment on this street cart operation on Food Network’sDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” I was hooked, lined and sinkered. I knew the next time I was visiting the Mainland, I have to go here above all else and try the chowder poutine.

What this operation has going for them is the perfect french fry. Although slightly over crisped, that’s how I like them. And the soft juicy clam morsels and the nector of the broth (salmon and cod were used) helped soften the crunchiness. The tender meats helped make a beautiful texture that I really enjoyed.

Getting very Fresh with Local delights, Wild eh?

J: I haven’t had a decent oyster burger in some time and of those times I could count them to two: the early days of Barb’s Fish & Chips and the Stand on Pender Island. But those Sawmill Bay oysters freshly served in their chicken fried oyster po’boy were of substantial taste.

But I can’t say they were the tops. It took a little lemon to bring out the complete flavour that I was looking for. What I ate though was damn close. They were soft all the way through, lightly battered, extra crisped and I loved it.

E: And to think James had doubts in my decision to make a detour. The next time I’m in Van, I’ll have to give these oysters a try. While I prefer mine raw, who is to say I can’t eat ’em up fried too? Lord knows I’ve done enough Fanny Bays recently, but then I’m an Island boy after all.

4 Blokes out of 5

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