[Vancouver, BC] A Tale of Ten Little Ebis, or Eddies?

Ebi Ten
388 Robson St.
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 689-9938

J: Ebi Ten is just one of those little discoveries of Ed’s from 6 years ago. Despite a few repeated attempts, Ebi failed to please the freelance food critic with their takoyaki. It was a good thing Ed took little convincing to give Ebi another go. The girl behind the counter was very young and helpful. And it didn’t hurt that she spoke the language of the food she served. With our orders placed, we took a seat near the entrance. I wasted time by pointing out Ed’s age and how the girl at the counter was easily in elementary when Ed first visited.

It was clear his age is starting to bother him because he responded with a quick punch. I’m only grateful his strength is not as it once was.

E: I have my doubts that she worked here back when I first heard of this place.

With James’ many wooly layers, breaking through his shields will be tough, just like my position about how mixed the quality of the food is here. Strangely, this diner was the first establishment to come in mind that’s nearby and fast.

We were able to seek out some kind of meal before the Roxette concert. By spotting a takoyaki appetizer at $5.50 (plus tax), I couldn’t resist the price for a dozen pieces. Price-wise, this place can’t be beat. Taste-wise, they still have to pick up from the fact that a sea of shaved bonito flakes on top and slathering the morsels with more sauce makes for a huge difference.

I saw nothing has changed. Well, maybe my appetite. What I ate was tiny when compared to James’ meal. The takoyaki tasted very lukewarm and uninspired, like my opinion of this place.

J: The Beef Udon ($7.75 for a large) was bigger than I expected. I also paid for a side order of tempura just in case. The price was better than if I had McDonald’s (which was down the block) and it was perhaps a healthier choice. I could’ve added the tempura to the bowl but I decided for this article to review it as a stand-alone. The batter which covered the prawns, cucumber and sweet potato was nice and light. I must admit it was very tasty.

E: I did grab the cucumber tempura and do admit that was a tasty batter. But I’m still not sold. The last time I tried the prawns here, they were tough as nails. I was very reluctant to touch what James had.

J: The beef broth was a winner. Not a drop remained as I slurped the well dry. I just wish I could’ve savoured the bowl and soaked in the atmosphere. Ed was in a mad rush to acquire concert swag and I guess in his excitement 30 minutes of time was misplaced.

E: And all I could think of was Rocky Horror. With a great concert to send us back to memory lane and relive our youths, we were spaced out on sensation. Let’s do the time warp again!

3 Blokes out of 5

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