It’s Thanksgiving? Time to Pimp my Gelato!

Victoria Ice Cream & Fudge Factory 
905 Government Street 
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 381-1881
Walking down Government Street is like walking down tourist row; all the shops price their goods accordingly for the tourist crowd, not home-town. And that can make for some expensive finds.

When I saw the offer for a free sampling of Victoria Ice Cream and Fudge Factory’s Fall time special, a pumpkin gelato, I did the the opposite of what James would do. Instead of getting something tiny, or to try it free, I went double double and put my order in a waffle cone! After dishing out $7.78, I have to consider who else will manufacture this seasonal treat? I have no love for Island Farms, and I may have to visit Spinnakers a bit more often to see what they may have in their little shop. I found a rose flavoured ice cream once, and pumpkin is quite possible.

In the downtown core, this factory does a decent job. I found the combination of gelato to waffle to be nearly picture perfect. Quite often, I dislike the distinct spiciness often used in the making of pies, and I prefer a milder, gentler, taste like in what this operation does. This gelato was very soothly sweet with the right amount of pumpkin taste to make my taste-buds tingle.

The waffle acted like the crust, and the combination really worked very well together. Had this product included bits of pumpkin seed to give it some additional punch, I’d be 100% sold, but alas, I’m only at 75 mostly because of the price of this product. Now I’d be prepared to pay this amount in an upper class restaurant, but in a tourist shop? They must be making a killing profit-wise.

But I’ll have to be careful in partaking in this seasonal delight. This flavour is only available until the end of November. I can see myself enjoying this dessert maybe once a month, or until I’m barking at the moon like a werewolf. By then, hopefully certain appetites will be sated.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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