300 Posts Later …

… and the Two Hungry Blokes are still rolling. If posts are appearing and disappearing, that’s because I’m giving this blog a complete makeover in a quiet time of early Sunday morning, trying to put in consistency in all the articles we’ve written in the past three years (wow, has it been that long now?).  The system is being a pain by deciding a few posts from way back when are being posted today, deleting posts, and rolling back a few articles to an unedited state.

It’s a good thing I’m noticing these problems with this online software. As for whether or not James and I will continue with using Blogger, that remains to be seen….

We started back in May of 2010 and well… something had to be said when the Two Hungry Blokes have hit our 300th post.

And while we feel that we are nearly done with covering Victoria, we will be expanding to cover more topics in foodie culture. Also, we will be covering more of the Capital Region and beyond, like focusing on more of Vancouver Island. We may dive into more of the Vancouver scene. If James ever gets his passport, I (Ed) will drag him to Port Angeles. I like to see what they offer there.

As for what James may add to our plans, maybe he’ll make post #301.

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