The Tartan Toots up Tons of Flavors

Tartan Toque
1507 Pandora Ave
Stadacona Centre
Victoria, B.C.
(778) 265-9464

Tucked away in a strip mall next to Stadacona Park is the Tartan Toque, a beautiful little diner that certainly delivers in ambiance and tasty wings. Although this place is nestled in a part of town that bridges two municipalities together, to head towards this crossroads is needed. And plus, the only devil you’ll find is with the hot sauces used to flavour the chicken wings offered here.

After all the wings that I ate, a little jaunt through the park was needed. I was stuffed after eating only a pound of chicken wings and legs per outing. At $9 for a mere pound, that’s not too bad of a deal.

The meat had the consistency of being moist and tender, and I was taking careful bites than slurping it off. I’m sure there are wing experts who would say it’s best to suck it all down, but I’m more of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, needing to chomp the meat than to wrap the entire morsel around my mouth like a snake.

With how well baked and moist these pieces were, I’m sure that could’ve been done. But instead, I enjoyed my sampling of the candied bacon sauce that coated the wings. It could’ve been better tossed, but as with any viscous substance, gravity tends to take a toll upon it and you will find most of the bacon bits and sweetness on the bottom.

This flavouring is definitely one of the first of the many flavours this place offers to try, and the second has to be the peanut sauté sauce, to which I will be back for. But if wings are not what people want to try, they do make fish n’ chips and burgers.

I was here with my buddy Donald for lunch. While he sampled the burger, which didn’t look or smell like anything spectacular, I had to try this place out for their much touted wings to which I thought were totally tubular. I recommend asking for extra towelettes or bringing your own finger bowl. The next time I have a craving for chicken, instead of 1550’s on Cedar Hill X Road, I’ll be headed here.

4 Blokes out of 5

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One thought on “The Tartan Toots up Tons of Flavors

  1. Burger was relatively decent actually. Peanut Satay wings and a caramel/vanilla shake are really what you want to order here though. DK


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