Cherry Bomb Launches an Atomic Banger for a Limited Time!

hotdogThe Atomic Rocket Breakfast Bomber looks ready to take off, but upon tasting it today, just where it goes is not quite orbital. It’s available today only (while supplies last) at The Pig BBQ Joint and comes with a free early-bird pass (starting at 8am) to Cherry Bomb Toy’s Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair that’s happening October 5th at the Pearkes Recreation Center.

I flew immediately into town to try this new idea out, and if I had a jetpack, I’d be arriving in my Rocketeer get up. However, that costume is still in the works as I need to find the right aviator jacket before I can make a helmet and flight pack. Instead, I arrived in my all-weather jacket with the Apollo 11 and Tesla patch to show I was in the mood to try this meal.

The sausage used was nice but I hoped for a good Italian style banger. Putting extra regular dogs to this plate would have been killer to represent the external rocket boosters but only one was offered, and splitting the coating around the sausage to resemble two “pretend buns” doesn’t count.

If this meal was indeed wrapped by bacon, the taste was suspiciously not there — it was missing its own distinct crispy flavour. In order for it to be able to fit around the sausage, a thin slice was used and I prefer thick. I’ve been spoiled lately by eating thick sliced smoked bacon from Thrifty Foods so adjusting my pallette took a while to decipher. Skewers could’ve been used to make the latter happen.

The scrambled eggs and mixed cheese was a nice touch, and to supplement it with a choice of aioli or maple syrup certainly made this dog all the more tastier.

However, the problem with this concept breakfast banger was that the pancake batter was not thick enough. It was like there was no gluten used when it was dipped before being put in the deep-frier. There was no thickness to it. I was not expecting a corn dog consistency, but it was too soft and it easily fell apart at each bite. I had to pick up the missing pieces afterwards.

Mind you, that’s what NASA does after every mission into space. The boosters do fall back to Earth and they need to be retrieved. I did like the banana peppers. They helped kickstart my day with a nice added heat to the meal. But as for when I’ll make the voyage to space next, it’ll be when I’m able to buy IMAX tickets to see Interstellar opening night. That film looks like it’ll be totally cosmic!

3½ Blokes out of 5


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