A Ghūl’s All Hallows Eve Guide to Frights & Entertainment in Victoria & the Gulf Islands

22271_1331667404240_2567935_nThe Dead of October is here. As a paranormal and archaeology enthusiast, there’s plenty for me to do at this time of year. But trick o’ treaters and lovers of horror films can find plenty of chills, thrills and frights to choose from. When a certain craving hits, thankfully this time of year is not always about the private parties or candy. Instead, it’s about what can transpire when Hunter’s Moon arrives.

The list of activities is nicely varied and there’s plenty to choose from for the young and old to partake in. Yes, even some nerdish delights can be found in this update, but who wants to be stuck indoors? The excitement is all in what can be found outdoors or in the fringe! But for residents of the Gulf Islands, just how they want to get the inner ghoul on means deciding in what is more interesting to attend. Presented here is a guide for what’s coming up:


Oct 5, at 2:30pm – 5:00pm
Meets at Centennial Square – Victoria

Put on your best corpse, and somber on down a route to encourage the best that the plague will do upon the masses! This zombie walk will feature a few local makeup talents to help make your costume all the more gross. More information can be found on their Facebook page as to what the route will be.


Haunted Hallways &
The Ghosts of the Maritime Tour

Oct 4th to 31st
Location: Maritime Museum
(28 Bastion Square) – Victoria

Nestled in Bastion Square may well be Victoria’s most haunted building. It’s been investigated by numerous paranormal groups, like Paranormal Victoria (PARAVI) and the Vancouver Paranormal Society. They have recorded some interesting electronic voice phenomena with their audio/visual equipment, but not everyone has the opportunity to see or hear for themselves at what goes bump in the night here. The volunteers of the Maritime Museum are offering tours during the day with historical information of what transpired long ago to potentially cause this building to become haunted.

More information can be learned from local historian, John Adams, about what went on inside and outside. Nestled on the third floor is the courtroom where many a condemned where put on trial. For those who were meted to die by hanging, one corner of the building is said to be very cold if a person is sensitive enough to experiencing those feelings.

Sometimes the curious want to see what happens in a intuitive-based investigation, and Beyond Belief Paranormal Events has a show October 18th, 2014 that specializes in just that. Before the Museum moves to new digs, this event may provide the best chance to watch what goes on in some investigative cases (other groups can focus on research, data or evidence gathering because there’s no precise method to find proof of the afterlife). It runs from 10pm to 3am. Please call 250-385-4222 ext. 103 to pre-register as space is limited.

Nanaimo Museum’s Lantern Tours

lanternOct 8, 15, 22 & 29, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
Location: Nanaimo Museum (100 Museum Way), Vancouver Island Conference Centre – Nanaimo

The Nanaimo Museum’s ever popular lantern tours returns this year with added activities and ghoulish delights for patrons to discover. That includes listening to stories about a grisly axe-murderer, public hangings that took place nearby and ghosts said to still lurk at the museum! The tour meets starts at the museum and continue through downtown, with stops at places like the old provincial jail, courthouse and age-hold hotels.

Registration for the lantern tours are required. The cost is $15 per person. Please call 250-753-1821 for more information or visit Nanaimo Museum’s official website.


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