A Ghūl’s All Hallows Eve Guide to Frights & Entertainment in Victoria & the Gulf Islands

Hallowe’en Fireworks

Oct 31, 7:30 pm.
Location: Ganges Harbour, Ganges
Salt Spring Island

Fireworks show over Ganges Harbour at dusk. Join-in with the community of Salt Spring Island for this free spectacle. Sponsored by Salt Spring Fire Rescue.


Night Shift: Living and Dying in Victorian Times

Oct 31 starts 8pm to 11pm
675 Belleville St – Victoria

The Royal British Columbia Museum is opening its doors in the evening to allow attendees to experience the supernatural throughout the building. That includes this museum’s Old Town where it has its own mysterious vibe. The night will be include lectures like Death in the Archaeological Record, Memento Mori & Mourning Clothing, Violent and Unnatural Death and music! Bučan Bučan, will be providing the sonic experience.

This event will be catered and alcohol will be served. To note, alcohol and contacting the supernatural do not mix as the night will be capped with a séance. In a serious investigation, this mixing of fun with the serious is discouraged since paranormal investigators need to have their full senses about them.

Tickets are still available and can be bought online at the RBCM’s website here.


Fernwood Halloween Bonfire

Oct 31, from Sunset to 10pm
Location: Stevenson Park –

The Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group will have a cuddly ol’ time with a traditional bonfire for everyone in this special community to warm up to. But it should be noted that this event does not always fall on this date.

Also, every municipality will have their own bonfire event. Listed this year is Esquimalt’s and Oak Bay’s own that’s hosted by the Oak Bay Firefighter’s Local 1856. At either, showing up in costume is encouraged since this can be a relaxing stop during a long night of trick or treating.

At this Fernwood event, marshmallows will be toasted and apple cider will be offered. Children can delight to bouncy castles and balloons. There will also be activities taking place in the community center’s gym.

House on Harewood Hill

Oct 31, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.
Location: 624 Winchester Ave. – Nanaimo

Presented by the Haunted Harewood Group.

This Nanaimo Halloween 2014 walk-thru event is meant to create screams and laughter for all-ages. Although the event is free the group will be accepting donations to help grow for the educational/community programs at the Georgia Avenue Elementary School in Harewood.

The haunted house will be child friendly between the hours of 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and youth and adult friendly from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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