A Few Hungry Picks for Halloween 2015

Instead of simply rinse and repeating the annual events happening at Halloween in Victoria, BC, what we are offering are our picks of the season that changes things up every year. These are the shows that we are thinking of attending and are wanting to lose our heads over like Ichabod Crane. While James’ pumpkin face is topped with a sprig of hair, to show his excitement during the Halloween season, Ed’s will be extended lush and long so he can hide behind it, like a certain member of the Addams Family to blend with the scenery.


Oct 15-31st, 2015
Launchpad Production’s
Arkenam Abbey
Craigdarroch Castle
1050 Joan Crescent

The theatre company of Giggling Iguana Productions decided to take a break and thankfully what’s to come in its place will have fans of Gothic entertainment clapping. Launchpad Productions is taking over and they promise to bring entertainment to all new heights for both Halloween enthusiasts and nerds alike with this homage to the Batman universe. This company’s debut from a few years ago at the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival with Tara Firm and the Lunar War Chronicles certainly shows this group is ready.

Tickets can be bought online through The Castle’s website and to learn about what’s in store, check out our interview with this troupe and a preview here.


Oct 31, 2015
Night Shift: Nightmare at the Museum
Royal British Columbia Museum
675 Belleville St

Although technically sold out, this show at the Royal British Columbia Museum is a must. Interested ghouls will have to plan in advance by at least a month and buy tickets once they’re announced because of the haunting fun that can happen. Every year promises to be different. In what gets missed one year will not be repeated the next.

During the first year this event has been in operation, the programmers decided to delve into spiritualism and why people were fascinated with the dead. A faux séance was conducted.

This year is going to look into the arcane practice of ouija boards as part of the fun. At the same time, the funhouse of horror will be opened up with select tours in the Old Towne section and a few movie screenings of silent films in the mini theatre. On the main floor will be a dance that will be sure to entertain. Since this event is come and go as you please, hopefully a handful of passes will be released closer to the event for late-comers.


2 thoughts on “A Few Hungry Picks for Halloween 2015

  1. Nice to see another local “what’s On’ page! Good luck with it! How about a plug for Jarvolution’s “The Weir”, dir. by Roger Carr, at The Guild upstairs, October 20, 21 and 27, 28?
    Thanks, Cheers!


  2. OOPS!! I need to get out more! You’ve BEEN here awhile!!


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