[Documentary] On Sacred Cow & Social Responsibility

SACRED COW: THE CASE FOR BETTER MEAT | IndiegogoAvailable on Google Play.

For other platforms or to purchase the DVD and companion booklet, please visit the Sacred Cow website.

The documentary Sacred Cow is packed with lots of information which weighs in on the pros and cons of consuming meat. It’s ultimately about our role in the food chain, being responsible for how this bovine is treated (prior to slaughter), and the cycle of life. Just what modern man does is no different when compared to the early days of civilization as they rose and flourished. Those that fell, we can learn from.

From a hunter-gatherer to agricultural society, is there another evolutionary step humanity must make? I’m not entirely against replicated meals ala Star Trek, but the concept will be alien to many. It’s good that nobody knows how to reconstitute waste into food at a molecular level, otherwise foodies from the future will be in an uproar.

I’m sure sometime in the next century, people will lament about the lack of tasting real food from their home planet, and will have to eat Gagh (Klingons love their worms) instead. If meat is no longer available, bugs are the next most common protein source and will anyone want to save those?

The problem with meat was never as hotly argued in the ancient world. It helped the evolution of the Hominid species. This work effectively explains its role in history. As for the modern day, nobody will fully understand those who are dead against and even they don’t see all the reasons why meat played an important role in society. This 90 min work directed by Diana Rogers of Sustainable Dish goes into a lot of details, and it’s worth more than just one watch to digest it all.

The welfare of the animal (herding versus caring) and social justice are also examined. The last of which is still a mystery. Nobody is a cow whisperer and can claim to know what a bovine is thinking.

The official plot description for Sacred Cow probes into “the fundamental moral, environmental and nutritional quandaries we face in raising and eating animals. In this film project, [the producers] focus [their] lens on the largest and perhaps most maligned of farmed animals, the cow.”

Whether a person is a vegan, an activist or not, the information offered in this work delves deep into nicely revealing what the entire life cycle is of any (animal) food source. They support the natural ecosystem too! When it dies, what’s left of it feeds the land and other creatures and gets used in other industries. Crude Oil and its byproducts come from long dead creatures, and organic oil also has many uses. To be completely against means not wearing any clothes made from fur, not driving a vehicle and disposing of any product made from plastic.

As for the fate of the cow or what’s next (is fake meat even truly sustainable?) this documentary has an answer. The future of animal husbandry is explored.

5 Blokes out of 5


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