Tomahawk Chips, A Brand Needing to Find It’s Fire.

Indigenous-owned, Manitoba-based potato chips brand heading to shelves  across Canada - Winnipeg | Globalnews.caThe Tomahawk is being thrown far and wide for its particular brand of potato chips to hit everywhere in North America. While the production is no different than how Lays makes ’em, the huge selling point for this brand is that it’s Canadian and sales of this company’s art from its web store help support local Indigenous youth initiatives.

The eye-catching packaging is enough to get me to notice, and when I saw them on sale at Thrifty’s Foods, I had to try each flavour out. Of the three different designs, I find the turtle and eagle are the most eye-catching. I’d love to put those images on my wall.

The tastes, however, aren’t consistent. The regular flavour doesn’t really stand out to be anything spectacular and the ketchup is a step above other brands. All the focus is on the sweet and hot Fire, to which the most noticeable is a ridged chip! The others are flat, and don’t really hold the dusting of simulated squashed tomatoes very well. The ketchup is still addicting nonetheless and as for more tastes will be introduced, only time will tell.

A complete nutrition and ingredient list can be found on their website. As for whether I’d have these chips with my next lunch, as long as they’re being sold at a reasonable price, why not? I tend to look for the exotic flavours rather than the usual mainstays, but as for whether how far Tomahawk will go, it’ll be difficult to say if it’ll make a dent in the global market.


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