Maham & Pop’s Donair & Poutine Serves ’em Up Hot and Sweet

20220628_131850Maham & Pop’s Donair & Poutine
2639 Quadra St B
Victoria, BC

Hours: Daily from 11:00am to 11pm.
Phone: (778) 265-6889

Sadly, Poutine 66 closed and in its place is Maham & Pop’s Donair & Poutine. Technically, I’m not all that surprised since there’s only so much any cook can do with the classic Québécois comfort food, but as for putting donair on the menu, I’m all for it! They opened two months ago, and it seems locals love it. I got there on a not so busy time and am glad to have avoided the lineups.

It’s said they have Halifax-style beef here, and I’m inclined to agree. As for whether it is roasting on an open fire will define whether the sandwich is called a donair, gyro or shawarma. I love to have my meat seared with belching flames, but alas, this operation doesn’t cook ’em that way.

20220628_132212What makes a donair is the sauce, and it’s sweet. It made my taste buds do a little dance, and in no time, the meal was done. Although I asked the individual behind the counter to give me a bit of everything for toppings, the wrap is not wide enough and he gave me a confused look. I had to opt for a third of what they had available–tomatoes, cilantro, hot pepper and red onions (my usual). They look far fresher than any Subway operation and with Fairways Market just a hop away, to get a resupply daily is not a problem!

Next time I visit Maham & Pop’s Donair & Poutine, I’ll have to order the large-sized wrap, and perhaps the kitchen person can get everything to fit. One was not enough. But looking at the menu, trying to order more than I need can be an issue. They have chicken wraps and salads too!

They also make shawarma and falafel. I’m not as keen on the latter, but I’ll certainly want to compare the former since there’s various places that claim to make the best. I tend to favour going to Fig Delicatessen since they’re located much more closer to where I live.

Next time, I’ll consider the poutine, though.

3½ Blokes out of 5


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