Hot Dog Hu$tlin From The Causeway to Catering

20220612_110841Inner Harbour Causeway
790 Government St
Victoria, BC

Phone: (236) 838-4091
Hours: Thurs to Sun 11am to 5pm 

ES: Hot Dog Hu$tlin expanded their operations from Vancouver sometime ago and after talking to the owner/operator, he said they are often the competitors to Japadog. They were the talk of the town for the North Van. 

I’m glad they came to sell at Victoria’s First Annual Prawn and Fiddler Festival, as that was the scent that drew Don and me towards the cart when we patrolled the area before the official start of the event. It wasn’t just the scents of the bratwurst and the grill that had my spider sense tingling!

DK: This operation serves the same dogs many readers have likely had in their backyards, but with more inventive toppings and presentation. Glenwood Meats is the familiar source and Kimchi Slaw seems to be the house specialty accoutrements.


ES: It’s nice to learn they source locally, and they have their own blend for the seminal sausage. And it was tough to choose between their eight originals. To name a few, they offered the Versacheese, Hog-o-boss and Gucheese. 

Given the festival was about seafood, I opted for the Pradawn, which included dried shrimp–a staple in Chinese noodle dishes–on top of the dog and shredded nori! Curiously, as I recall, Don settled for something more traditional.


DK: Sometimes it’s best to judge a place based on how well they do standard fare. With this in mind I opted for a pork smokie with dill pickle, Gouda/cheddar blend, mayo, and mustard. The dog was charred (exactly the way I prefer). A theatrical flair was given to the application of the cheese, which was melted with a blowtorch. Not sure what else to say here. It’s a hot dog. Do you like hot dogs? You’ll probably like this.

ES: Though if I was to say something about my meal, I could go for two rather than one with even more shrimp on top. Also, I’d be tempted to vary the ingredients up to include the spongy. That is, to use authentic fresh off the ocean seaweed up instead of crumbled up nori. That would really give the dawg a chew.

One visit isn’t enough, though. Don and I will have to do part two. At their usual location, they also offer Filipino style BBQ!

3½  Blokes out of 5



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