Too Many Yummy Waffles at Le Petit Belge Might Put a Bulge in Your Tummy

ed and waff340 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC

Phone: (604) 440-8781
Mon – Fri at 8am – 3pm
Sat – Sun at 8am – 4pm

Sadly, Scoozi’s is no more. This fond breakfast place in Vancouver, BC closed sometime during the pandemic, and in its place is Curry Hut Indian Bistro. I will one day try, but as for why–that’s because I loved the ambience the space represented. Fortunately, Le Petit Belge is a terrific replacement, especially if you love waffles. Unfortunately, it’s located nowhere close to the Vancouver Convention Centre. It’s a fair walk away for those going to this city for events there. But if you’re here for a concert, it’s a hop and skip away from BC Place!

I was back in the big city for Fan Expo Vancouver, which brings nearly everything pop culture related under one roof. My convention report can be read here. This event packs a bit of everything into the large hockey-ring sized gymnasium located in the West Convention Centre building. Unlike that sport, there’s no stadium seating. On the three days I went, it felt jam packed! When compared to restaurants operating at full capacity, finding a chair is based on how long you’re willing to wait. There was a small recharge lounge within the convention though, so thankful people have a spot to unwind.

When comparing lineups to meet your favourite celebrities, this waffle place had a tiny one by the time I arrived with my two lady friends. We didn’t wait too long, and fortunately menus were available, so we could decide before getting seated. They were delightfully fluffy, and the pockets were deep to hold all the maple syrup I could want! They’re made brussel style, and as for my eggs, I opted for poached so I can let the yolk really flow. Likewise, they tasted like free run, and the bacon was exceptionally crisp, and I could’ve easily gone for more!

Service was quick, and despite a little accident at the table (a glass of water spilled), the staff were quick to clean it up and apologise for the oops.


Although this place can sit about 20 people, the turnaround is quite fast since nobody is really staying for long. I’m sure mornings go fast on a normal day, as some hit this place up prior to going to office. On weekends and holidays, the wait can get longer.

Two other dishes that caught my fancy include the Mexi Bowl (Seasoned beef, avocado, veggie salsa, caramelised onions, peppers, beans, old cheddar cheese, oven baked potatoes, homemade hollandaise sauce, any style egg topped with arugula) and Majesty Waffle (Brussels waffle topped with fresh strawberries or bananas, caramel, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and hazelnuts). Both are reasonably priced given what’s stacked on top ($21 and $15 respectively) and if you want extras, that’s when your meal can get pricey. Those add-ons start at $3. When that is for a single egg, they better be farm fresh!

5 Blokes out of 5


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