Shakin’ Up The Sushi Establishment with Rockn’ Rolls


Rockn’ Rolls Modern Sushi
1 Dallas Rd C1
Victoria, BC

(250) 888-5336

No matter where you go to eat sushi, the basics will more or less taste the same. The taste found in tuna and salmon rolls are distinguished by the freshness of the fish (I have yet to find a place to beat what I had in Sidney, BC ages ago), rice to meat ratio used and where the fish came from. Where the rice is harvested from matters, but ultimately, it is the temperature of this grain that makes the difference. Over at Rock n’ Rolls Modern Sushi at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria, BC, they pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients.

This operation is all about 100% sustainability and it shows in the Polynesian Roll. Made using local crab, bell peppers and sweet squash, this delectable maki roll is a taste for the senses! Rockfish was used, and this is a topping I do not usually see in menus. Sometimes, whitefish is listed, and the last time I really appreciated its taste was over at Southern Lake Tahoe, where a buddy and I went to The Naked Fish — I have fond memories of my sushi experience there.

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Eating Seafood: The Puerto Vallarta Way

Fisherman’s Wharf
Float Home Village

12 Erie Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 383-4415

On a beautiful sunny day, I had to go out and check out Puerto Vallarta Amigos’ new digs at Fisherman’s Wharf. They are well known for their tacos, and the Espinoza family (who runs this operation) have certainly cemented their status in, an irony of ironies, a floating base of operations. Appropriately enough, by being located in fish territory, their seafood options intrigued me. And with James working yet again, I was on my own to fill two stomachs than one. Fortunately the day included opening ceremonies festivities, like dancing. A few spectators even joined in so they could work off their meals.

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Puerto’s New Location

For the fans of Puerto Vallarta Amigos or for those of you who are just dying to jump the border in reverse for the taste of authentic Mexican food, Puerto will be opening up a new location sometime in February of this year. This time they’ve upgraded from a food van to a floating eating establishment on Fishrman’s Wharf in the picturesque community of James Bay.