Who is the King? The Doughnut King & Where to Watch

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After watching The Donut King, I now know where to go to get my sugary fix when travel without restrictions is allowed again. The various delights offered by one Santa Monica operation is enough to make me want to jet down instead of fly across the Pacific Ocean! This work was released last year at the Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival and was quickly picked up for wider distribution. To find it, however, meant waiting in line like the time I was in Oregon for Voodoo Doughnut. Though the wait was thirty minutes long, the wait was worth it.

Ted Ngoy is hailed as a pioneer of the enterprising spirit in California. He’s as shrewd as Ray Kroc in taking partial ownership of the name and franchising out McDonalds. The variation is in how he helped his fellow Cambodians who came to America open their operations and when he took a slice of the American dream.

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The Road To Greece

Mad Greek’s Pizza
703 Goldstream Avenue
Langford, BC
(250) 478-6112

Making one’s way home in a wind storm with lightning zipping over my head wasn’t one of my better ideas. A cab could’ve easily carry me to mi casa without any threat of becoming lost in the dark or crisped by a well placed bolt. But I am sure Ed would weep at my funeral and recite, “In life, he was a great friend but in death he was a great entrée.”

But the fickle finger of fate wasn’t going to touch me this night. Instead I made my way in the darkness without lamp nor stars until, from a distance, I saw a beacon of magnificent blue. A Mad Greek’s Pizza sign perched high above to attract weary travelers like myself and possibly drunks at 2 AM.

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