Denny’s Canada Lacking When Compared to American Counterpart

3100 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 382-3844

Franchise operations are always questionable, and the quality of the food never stays the same at every outlet you go to.

After my roadtrip and a few breakfasts Denny’s in the States, I find those operations far better than in Canada. They have more tasty offerings, especially in the cherry pop department, but over across from Mayfair Mall this particular Denny’s has moreorless stayed consistently the same.

Better known for their value priced breakfasts, I went all out and tried the Meat Lover’s Trio ($11.99). That’s the works, everything, complete with a heart pump included. Well, the grease content wasn’t that bad.

In one sizable plate, everything I ate came in pairs: eggs, bacon, sausages and country fried steak (which is actually chicken) with gravy.

So it wasn’t a case of me having double vision.

Imagine my delight to seeing a nice gooey drizzle of melted cheddar cheese over my hash browns. There was a bit of crumbled meat over that, so it made for a nice mash of textures. For what was paid, it was sort of worth it in volume alone. But for what was used, I could go to a local grocery store, buy some larger sized slabs of meat and make a real heart-stopper look mean.

The sausages were like finger-lings when compared to the size of my thumb and the bacon was small. They were delectable, but the eggs tasted like it came from a constipated chicken. They certainly weren’t free range.

I should simply go back to the States to eat at those Denny’s or hit Mel’s Diner just to get better grits.

2½ Blokes out of 5

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