Not Quite Singing the Praises of Johnny Rocket

Johnny Rockets
1644 Hillside Ave · (778) 406-2101
228C-1150 Douglas St · (250) 590-1170

El DeBarge’s tune “Who’s Johnny” will come to mind for a few who is not familiar with this burger chain. When I saw the signs by The Bay Centre of another burger chain opening up in this garden city, I was slightly curious. I’m aware of them since I see them nearly everywhere in Los Angeles, California, and I like the 50’s theme. Their first operation opened last year over the early Summer and the other had their grand opening at the start of Autumn. A few months later, I hope their consistency stabilizes, otherwise this franchise is in trouble.

A few of the ideas remain in their international operations — with vintage photos decorating the walls and a few stock furnishings — but the image is not complete. The only holdovers are with the condiments sitting at every table instead of walking up to a center kiosk like in a MacDonald’s or A&W. If I want to the real deal, like visiting Arnold’s from Happy Days, someone needs to develop time travel technology.

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[Vancouver, BC] Cin City or Bust

Cin City Donuts
Rogers Arena
800 Griffiths Way
Vancouver, B.C.

E: Walking through Rogers Arena was like walkthing through some of the best that commercialism can offer during a concert. All I cared for was a memento of the night but the sight of doughnuts caught our attention like two Homers from The Simpsons. We decided to wait until intermission to get our sugary delights.

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It’s Qoola like that

Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar
Uptown Centre
101-3531 Uptown Blvd.

Saanich, BC
(250) 590-6816

J: Ed managed to achieve one of the improbabilities in his life. Did he solve the riddle of life, the universe and everything? No. Did he manage to get himself a girlfriend? No. Did he manage to find me a girlfriend. Hey, I said improbable, not impossible.

Ed managed to coax me to Uptown Centre. And anyone who knows me knows I dislike Uptown. It’s massively big and it confuses me. I feel more at home in Mayfair Mall or Hillside Centre. Even when I’m walking in the area of Uptown, I’d rather go around the behemoth then use it as a shortcut.

But Ed said the one thing I and I am sure no true Scotsman can resist, he offered to buy. This is one of the reasons he is my best friend. He knows me as much as I know myself.

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Fatburger Thoughts

1209 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-4142

Fatburger finally opened its doors in Victoria, and now a month past its grand opening, just how does it fare? For those hungry burger eaters who do not want to venture far from the offices, they’re better than their direct competitor that lies directly across the street. And competition will be stiff between them and Burger King.

When time is tight and I’m wanting to sate a burger fetish, these are the only two places I’d consider going to.

Against the gourmet burger joints, there is no comparison. Bin4, Jackalope and Mafia are safe from the invasion of the big corporations. They have tastier choices to support their product over the franchise operations.

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Westshore Hasn’t Gone Noodles!

The Noodle Box
Westshore Town Centre
2955 Phipps Road
Langford, BC
(250) 383-3322

I never liked the atmosphere at the Noodle Box’s Douglas St. location. The music was loud and it has the feel of a dungeon. Every time I walked in, I could never shake that feeling away. The strip of walkway where orders are picked up and where some people use to stand-and-wait was tight. That’s the only spot where one can hear that their order is ready.

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Denny’s Canada Lacking When Compared to American Counterpart

3100 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 382-3844

Franchise operations are always questionable, and the quality of the food never stays the same at every outlet you go to.

After my roadtrip and a few breakfasts Denny’s in the States, I find those operations far better than in Canada. They have more tasty offerings, especially in the cherry pop department, but over across from Mayfair Mall this particular Denny’s has moreorless stayed consistently the same.

Better known for their value priced breakfasts, I went all out and tried the Meat Lover’s Trio ($11.99). That’s the works, everything, complete with a heart pump included. Well, the grease content wasn’t that bad.

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