One Foodie & A Nerd’s Guide to the 23rd Annual Victoria Film Festival


Personal Shopper (horror)
Feb 3, 9pm – Vic Theatre
Feb 5, 1:30pm – Vic Theatre

This ghost story may well pave a better future for those audiences unsure about Kristen Stewart future post-Twilight. While I never got into this young adult series because of its melancholy setting, I’m thankful her work in the independent film scene is getting her better attention. This work marks her second time working with director Olivier Assayas (The Clouds of Sils Maria).


Burn Your Maps (adventure)
Feb 3, 6:15pm – SilverCity Victoria (Tillicum)

This movie has my curiousity as it is directed by Jordan Roberts, co-writer of Big Hero 6. When he crafted a well-meaning story in the animated front, I’m sure his debut as an indie filmmaker will be just as good.

This story features an eccentric boy, Wes (played by Jacob Tremblay, Room) who believes he is a Mongolian goat herder and after meeting a schoolmate who thinks he may be right, to see them figure out a way to head to this country in order to live out a dream (or perhaps find out if he is indeed a reincarnation of) has a charm I must look at!


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