One Foodie & A Nerd’s Guide to the 23rd Annual Victoria Film Festival


My Life as a Zucchini (animation)
Feb 12, 4pm – Vic Theatre

This Switzerland/French production looks to be as fun as it is special in the look at the life of the children living in a group home. They are there because they lost their parents. Whether that’s by murder, suicide, drugs or abuse, to see how they cope and live out their lives due to their youthful optimism has me interested in this story.

The Girl with All the Gifts (horror)
Feb 10, 9pm – SilverCity Victoria (Tillicum)

It’s tough to break new ground with zombie films without digging up the same old themes again and again, much less redefine how the outbreak can happen. With this movie that looks like it will change ideas around, is there a future for all of humanity? Maybe. In this world, zombie children may provide a cure. They are still alive in the sense that they have their precognitive abilities — they are perfectly normal – but for one girl, Melanie, she does not have to be chained up. Andrew Currie’s Fido may have competition.


Suffering of Ninko (drama)
Feb 3, 9:15pm – Capitol 6
Feb 9, 9:45pm – Cineplex Odeon Downtown

This Japanese Edo-period drama looks at how difficult life must be for one particular monk. There’s comedy in the concept. Ninko is irresistible to many a woman he encounters. While some struggle to beg for coin, he gets these ladies pretty much throwing themselves at him! As most folks know, monks are chaste. Can Ninko stay celibate? This interested moviegoer wants to know!

Soul on a String (drama)
Feb 8, 9pm – SilverCity Victoria (Tillicum)

A joke could be made about Chinese Westerns. The idea has been done in Kung Fu, but to see it properly realized as an American Western in the style of True Grit but set in the Tibetan landscape can make for some interesting juxtapositions. Two brothers are sworn to vengeance against a killer named Tabei but it seems fate has a greater plan. When this villain is killed by lightning and then resurrected, fate has decreed he has to go on a quest … but is it for redemption?

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