[Vancouver, BC] Remembering EXP Restaurant + Bar

Image result for exp bar vancouverEXP Restaurant + Bar
309 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-1337

EXP Restaurant & Bar has been operating since late 2012 and sadly, by the time I visit this place again, it will be closed. I came across this article about the problems of keeping such operations afloat in a tough as nails city core. I can only hope and let readers know that if the Rio Theatre can be saved by Deadpool himself, is there hope for EXP? Sadly, no.

Their latest Facebook post made the news of closing official. I’m posting this article in memoriam and can only hope a future exists in another space. I get the feeling the owners and operators are not going down easy. They may have an alternate plan in the works but do not want to jinx the future.

Reprinted (in part) from otakunoculture.com:

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[Seattle, WA] Follow Me, oh Follow Me… to Japonessa

Japonessa Sushi Restaurant
1400 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 971-7979

Opening in 2016
at Bellevue
at Lincoln Square 2

I suspect that once R.E.M. hears about one of Seattle’s best restaurants featuring food inspired by the land of the rising sun, Japonessa, and the land down under, they will be regular visitors. The reason is simply that this restaurant has a sushi roll named The Orange Crush. Although the items from this part of the menu are pricey as heck, the expense is worth it. The two dishes I tried on my first visit was fabulous.

I tried the Crush along with a Barcelona Sunset and the flavours are just simply divine. The temperature and flavours emerging from the rice was just right. The cilantro and mango added to the first roll were not overpowering and it gave the rice a fruitiness that I throughly enjoyed. When the habañero allioli was gently used on the Sunset roll, all I could do was imagine myself watching a drifting sun cast its last breath of warmth upon my lips as I gently nibbled away.

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Big Leagues or Little Leagues: Just Where does the Mafia Belong?

(Located inside Sopranos
Karaoke & Sports Bar)

730 Caledonia
Victoria, B.C.

Mafia Burger has a good product-line going for them: all the traditional toppings and extra heavy fattenings for their 21 burger line-up. There’s plenty to choose from if people visit at particular times. At any others, the pickings are slim.

On my Friday evening visit for a quick dinner bite, the only burger available during hockey night is “The Royale,” a bare bones burger. It was created for the Victoria Royals Budweiser Tail-gate Party that was happening around the bar.

On these special events, the Mafia had no choice but to provide simplicity. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? I was feeling jilted. Where’s the Don to say, “I want it my way!” All Mafia seems to do is to supply a demand. Al Capone once said, “Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class,” and Mafia Burger is not in the big leagues yet.

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