Movie & Food News & Reviews: Godzilla’s Alive! And Uchida Keeps the Tradition

Uchida Eatery/Shokudo
A22-633 Courtney St.
Nootka Court
Victoria, BC

In a mad rush to a Springboard Lecture to launch 2013’s Victoria Film Festival, a quick bite was needed. Inside Nootka Court, I lucked out at seeing that Uchida was still open. I remember this place used to be Daidoco, but this operation closed before James and I could return to weigh in at more of the tastes this Japanese diner offered.

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Eating Seafood: The Puerto Vallarta Way

Fisherman’s Wharf
Float Home Village

12 Erie Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 383-4415

On a beautiful sunny day, I had to go out and check out Puerto Vallarta Amigos’ new digs at Fisherman’s Wharf. They are well known for their tacos, and the Espinoza family (who runs this operation) have certainly cemented their status in, an irony of ironies, a floating base of operations. Appropriately enough, by being located in fish territory, their seafood options intrigued me. And with James working yet again, I was on my own to fill two stomachs than one. Fortunately the day included opening ceremonies festivities, like dancing. A few spectators even joined in so they could work off their meals.

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Puerto’s New Location

For the fans of Puerto Vallarta Amigos or for those of you who are just dying to jump the border in reverse for the taste of authentic Mexican food, Puerto will be opening up a new location sometime in February of this year. This time they’ve upgraded from a food van to a floating eating establishment on Fishrman’s Wharf in the picturesque community of James Bay.


A Taste of West Africa: Le Petit Dakar

Le Petit Dakar
711 Douglas Street
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 380-3705

J: There is more to a Friday night than getting fall down drunk. If one walks about this great city of ours one could have an enjoyable evening for very little money. After a trip to National Geographic’s IMAX theatre for a viewing of The Wildest Dream, seeing that frosty topped mountain gave me the ice cream urges … to Beacon Drive-In it was for our fill.

We weren’t prepared to do any reviewing this night. On our way home, the moon was shining our way to the nearest bus stop. But before we reached that destination, Ed and I did the mid-step pause. There was a new establisment in the old Crystal Gardens building. It looked small and the bright neon open sign was inviting.

E: Le Petit Dakar beckoned the both of us in. This little eatery was a perfect way to end the day, and I couldn’t decide on what spicy delight to partake in. After looking at the menu, I got the sense that most of the tastes are from the north western to north eastern region of Africa (but I could be wrong), and after James said the magic word, I took a chance at the Saka Saka ($8.75) to shake the cold away. I asked for hot sauce as a side while James didn’t go for any.

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Qu’est-ce que c’est, Pablo’s?

Pablo’s Dining Lounge
225 Quebec Street
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 388-4255

J: Ed was fortunate enough to be given a pair of gift certificates (GC) courtesy of our our benefactor, the event organizer Bill Code. Bill was responsible for the 2009 Victoria Comic Book Convention and is currently working rebooting it as the Victoria Comic, Movie & Steampunk Convention for 2013.

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How to do the Fringe Part 2: Sammiches!

Sam’s Deli & Bistro
805 Government Street

Victoria, BC (250) 382-8424

I ran into my friend Janine just as I was heading to see Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl and here I was, with a bag of chips and a bottle of pop as my dinner. Oh boy, did I ever look sad.

After she looked at what I had, I tucked the chips into my satchel, and we walked down to Government St. for the healthier option at Sam’s Deli. This place is a favourite of her’s, and hopefully I’ll get her to insert a review too.

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