From Victoria to Vancouver Fringe, Who is Crazy for Dick Tricks?

In what keeps me coming back for Crazy For Dick Tricks is in how Tim Motley is a consummate entertainer. He knows his playing cards and every new deck he has to burn through inside and out, can rap with the best (I wonder how he’d do in a battle slam moment though) and can bring in the crowds at many a performance venue. He’s wrapping up his round of shows at the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival and will soon visit Vancouver Fringe starting Sept 6th.

Double entendres aside, which makes up part of the appeal of his shows, his style of stand-up comedy is right up my alley!

On stage, he is Dirk Darrow, a hard-boiled 1930s detective. He’s the P.I. who can woo any femme fetale in this latest case (complete with a few James Bond style voice over moments), He’s the Dick in that true old-fashioned sense where he’s right at home with Sam Spade. I first saw these shows under the assumption he’s a paranormal investigator than private, but when I saw his magic prowess, I was hooked. Some iterations include him applying mentalism too, so the occult is never too far.

I interviewed Motley many years ago (interview here) and find his improv skills keep each sequel (the last show was 2 Ruby Knockers if I recall right) fresh. Over the years, none are too alike as all shows has a considerable amount of audience participation involved. They all share the same DNA.

All the variations on dick jokes he comes up with make up why we all get an easy chuckle–including now to it sounds if said by a foreigner. I’m not giving away the details, but this moment was perfect. This entertainer’s charisma all I need to know I’ll be coming back for more. As for how many times I want to do it, I’m willing to rise to the occasion and see it ten times just to find how many oddball phrases are heard during the show. I’d still want more afterwards.

Also, this comedian is a comic book nerd! By Mjölnir, I loved seeing this guy don the red cape! I’d be in stitches if he was Doctor Strange instead and the cloak moved on its own to inspire additional comedic antics. Those would have been some terrific tricks to add, but Thor stole the magician’s limelight on the night I went.

I have to ask if he’ll resurrect Arizona Jones. While I’ll never tire of Dick Darrow, this other character is only one of a few from the past, instead of the current he solicited to liven up his repertoire for years to come.


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