Victoria Street Food Festival Part Deux Gets Better

July 19 & 20, 2013
Centennial Square
Victoria, BC

I’m glad that the Victoria Street Food Festival managed to shake off the cobwebs on the second day of celebration. Even though that happened a week later, from its inaugural July 19th start, the vibe I felt while here at 3pm was far different than the one James and I experienced a week ago. He couldn’t make it this time ’round due to work, but I had to come back for a second day and give this event a chance.

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Growing Pains & Staffing Shortages for Victoria’s First Street Food Festival

July 19th and 24th, 2013
Centennial Square
Victoria, B.C.

E: On a bright hot day, Victoria’s First Street Food Festival started off with a bang. That’s what I hoped happened and that’s what I heard when a hungry lunch crowd roared out of the office and towards Centennial Square (now known as Spirit). I’m sure there were lineups everywhere, and the wait was at least 15 minutes for a hot dog, burger, pizza, poutine or waffle.

When photographer Yvonne Fried, James and I showed up ’round 3pm, I thought things were quiet. Maybe, too quiet? I had to wonder what the hungry crowds of pac-men (and women) were like during rush hour.

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