L’Authentique Poutine’s Second Life!

L’Authentique Poutine and Burger
Langford, B.C.

Just how much poutine can one bloke have? Fortunately, when the portions are decently sized, plenty!

As some readers may know, I love a good french fry. And very rarely will I venture into James’ territory, Langford, to test the places that he has no time to hit. That includes a food cart operation that touts some good ol’ fashioned poutine. While most of their food is touted to be made with the heart and soul of a native Quebecois, well, is that just fancy copy writing or is that true?

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6 Mile Pub

494 Old Island Highway
View Royal, BC
(250) 478-3121

I do not often head out to the outskirts of Victoria to dine, but when I am hanging out with PARAVI, Victoria’s homegrown paranormal research and investigation society, we visited Six Mile Pub to check out its supernatural history. Or for me, to check out one of their many flavourful burgers.

The first time I was here, I ordered their Guinness Cheese and Bacon Burger ($16.50) as a take out meal. I did not want to pass up the chance in case I did not return.

The singular large crisp onion ring really made this particular meal stand out, and I quite liked the toasty warm bun. I thought the meat was very tender. It tasted was like it was braised; the juicy softness complemented the added crunch very well. And the tanginess of this particular dry stout tasted light on the cheese.

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I’ve Bin Back 4 More…

Bin 4 Burger Lounge
#180-911 Yates St.
Harris Green Village
Victoria, BC
(250) 590 – 4154

… and I must say what I ate of the non-bovine persuasion was delicious. I’ve moved away from the beef here and eyed the chicken burger. When I noticed a double dose of bacon, featured as a slice of Fraser Valley ham and also infused in its aioli, I was sold.

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A Big Wheel Update

I returned to the area of Cook Street Village to return videos to Pic A Flic and do what I planned on since reporting about this diner, and that’s to order their double double… well, a double patty burger. It was certainly much more filling and tastier. I could taste the grazed beef difference because of the volume, and has much changed?

Not really. With more meat to evaluate, it could do with some veins of bovine fat or being cooked with walnut oil (to bring out the flavour). Also, the condiments were not evenly spread out, but aside from that, I must say I commend their customer service.

I distinctly remembered that I ordered a double but when I looked at my bill afterwards, I saw that I paid for a single. When went to the counter to ask if a double is indeed coming my way, I was treated to a huge surprise. Not only did the staff corrected my order, but they did not ask me to pay the $2.25 difference. I received a complementary milkshake. There was even an apology by the manager which I found cool.

And since I got to try one their shakes, I have something new to report: I loved it. It was rich, creamy, and thick. The chocolate was not too strong. It even did not melt at all in the 15 mins it took for me to finish it off while on the way to town.

I have to say Big Wheel earned a huge point in its favour that day.

Big Wheel Burger on Urbanspoon

Big Wheel, Fast Food or No?

Big Wheel Burger
341 Cook St.

Cook Street Village
Victoria, BC
(250) 381-0050

J: My latest adventure with my roly poly compadre, Ed, brought me to the gentle little community of Cook Street Village. The area is known for Beacon Hill Park and for the tidy little shops that dot the Cook Street scenery. I managed to come away from this excursion with a bottle of Old Tyme pancake syrup (a product I used with frequency in the 1980’s) from Oxford Foods.

I also obtained fresh produce from Cook Street Market (established 1986) and I would’ve rented a British comedy DVD or two from Pic-A-Flic but I lacked the credentials.

E: We wound up in this area at the suggestion of Erin, who posted on our blog, suggesting we should review Big Wheel Burgers.

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Fatburger Thoughts

1209 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-4142

Fatburger finally opened its doors in Victoria, and now a month past its grand opening, just how does it fare? For those hungry burger eaters who do not want to venture far from the offices, they’re better than their direct competitor that lies directly across the street. And competition will be stiff between them and Burger King.

When time is tight and I’m wanting to sate a burger fetish, these are the only two places I’d consider going to.

Against the gourmet burger joints, there is no comparison. Bin4, Jackalope and Mafia are safe from the invasion of the big corporations. They have tastier choices to support their product over the franchise operations.

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