Travelling North of the 48th in Victoria is Worth the Crossing

north48restaurantNorth 48
1005 Langley St
Victoria, BC
(250) 381-2428

Some bistros like North 48 are worth revisiting time and time again, and I’m glad I’m a resident of these parts so I don’t have to deal with border security! I arrived here with friends who were visiting from up island, and since we could not decide in where to dine, we hit the first place that looked good and there ye be, we sat down to marvel at a fancy menu with tastes from different ports of call. There’s the traditional French fair, Japanese delights and the odd Mexican. Well, I honestly could not decide. Should I go for the Octopus Tacos, Corn Dog Bites and French Onion Soup as my meal?

The service was very friendly here, and we couldn’t decide right away in what we wanted. I was torn between something fusion or going for a traditional European-style meal.

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[Seattle, WA] The Unicorn can Delight a Sweet Tooth & Hardly More


The Unicorn
1118 E Pike St
Seattle, Washington
(206) 325-6492

Perhaps one of Seattle’s strangest operation is a cryptozoological pub is The Unicorn. This watering hole is good for its exotic sweets but the rest of the food is nothing too special. But where else can you say you ate narwhal balls? or had a phallic looking Deep Fried Snickers? Not since Voodoo Doughnut in Portland have I found some surgery Wunderbar goodness.

The food is decent but I can’t recommend this place for its service.

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There’s No Need To Talk Like A Pirate at Rumrunner!

The Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant
9881 Seaport Place
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-5643

J: The Rumrunner is one of those restaurants out in Sidney that is divided up into three sections: the pub, the patio and the dining area. We in the Sidney area because Ed wanted to see if anything remained from the Gracepoint set (the police station) that was filmed last year.

E: By chance, I found the Gracepoint Newspaper Truck parked in a private lot next to Saint Andrew’s School near downtown when I was out and about during Victoria Fringe Festival 2015. So why not?

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Even Ewoks Shy Away from The Sticky Wicket


The Sticky Wicket
919 Douglas St.

Victoria, BC
(250) 383-7137

E: Instead of sooner than much later, one of Victoria’s best known watering holes had to be visited — The Sticky Wicket. James and I have been reluctant to go there much more than the adjoining Big Bad Johns. Both have their distinctive clientage and when I peek in, there’s no cheer to be heard and only the cracking of peanut shells and an odour of clique. I can walk past both operations whenever I cruise to The Vic Theatre to catch an art house film. I’m hardly cajoled into either operation but I can certainly wander in with James in tow. He’ll do anything that I can manage to convince him to do.

I’ve dined at the Sticky Wicket and had one of my staff parties there. The food I tasted on those previous visits is nothing to write home about. The point of going to the Sticky is to have a few pints with friends. The wood interior of the pub is to be admired. One has to wonder who the original interior designer of the pub was.

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What’s Paul Bunyon Doing in Canada at the Loghouse?

dan Aykroyd and Ed2323 Millstream Rd
Langford, BC
(250) 474-1989

The  Loghouse Pub
is a watering hole that many a local living near Western Speedway may visit. I’m not one of them, but when Liquor Planet had a product I really wanted to pick up (The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Gift Set which included Crystal Head Vodka — it’s a really smooth product BTW) and they had a very special guest visiting to promote the product, I made the cross city trek from my side of the island to theirs just to see what the fuss is about, and have a meal at the same time. In this area of the woods, a car is needed to head out and go home for those who live far away.

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Going Down Under …

Moose’s Down Under Bar & Grill
Basement 830 West Pender St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 683-3300

What can you do when a ‘koo is angry and about to give chase? Well, I’m not Steve Irwin and God bless his soul, I hope he’ll forgive me for what I did. I ate Skippy. Okay, that dated television show was before my time, but I’ve caught the occasional episode as I was growing up and my fascination with Australian life does not end there. In fact, I may have to go to that country and make it my permenant residence when considering how friendly everyone was at Mooses Down Under.

With rugby playin’ on the big screen, I thought why not. Watch a bit of the sport while snacking on a ripe ol’ salad and munching on one of this country’s indigenous marsupials. No it isn’t a koala, but I do have to wonder if that’s an animal protected by the World Wildlife Federaton. They’re far too adorable and that’s one creature I will refuse to touch on a dinner plate.

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