What’s Paul Bunyon Doing in Canada at the Loghouse?

dan Aykroyd and Ed2323 Millstream Rd
Langford, BC
(250) 474-1989

The  Loghouse Pub
is a watering hole that many a local living near Western Speedway may visit. I’m not one of them, but when Liquor Planet had a product I really wanted to pick up (The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Gift Set which included Crystal Head Vodka — it’s a really smooth product BTW) and they had a very special guest visiting to promote the product, I made the cross city trek from my side of the island to theirs just to see what the fuss is about, and have a meal at the same time. In this area of the woods, a car is needed to head out and go home for those who live far away.

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The Tartan Toots up Tons of Flavors

Tartan Toque
1507 Pandora Ave
Stadacona Centre
Victoria, B.C.
(778) 265-9464

Tucked away in a strip mall next to Stadacona Park is the Tartan Toque, a beautiful little diner that certainly delivers in ambiance and tasty wings. Although this place is nestled in a part of town that bridges two municipalities together, to head towards this crossroads is needed. And plus, the only devil you’ll find is with the hot sauces used to flavour the chicken wings offered here.

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Getting into the Toulouse Spirit

601 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 432-9069

I could easily use a ton of musical and pop culture euphemisms to describe everything I ate and drank at the Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge, a lounge that takes its inspirations from deep down south. By cutting across the square where the Space Needle is located, the short hop from one side to the other was easy. My friend Jon Valentine and I walked through Queen Anne Avenue’s Diner’s Row to get here.

The building is located on the corner, Queen Anne and Mercer, and it only beckoned me to explore its dark history. The rustic atmosphere and black awning by the front door creates a mysterious ambience of what can get discovered within.

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Skinnytato: Fine Dining is a Mixed Bag

Skinnytato Polish Restaurant
615 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-6550

J: A lesson to be learned by one hungry bloke is that a barely populated establishment does not a poor restaurant make. Or at least not below average in any sense of the word. It was a shoot-out between Skinnytato and Lotus Pond.

Ed had reinforced my doubts about the fact that we had recently done the Asian food scene to death. It was time to call for a change.

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6 Mile Pub

494 Old Island Highway
View Royal, BC
(250) 478-3121

I do not often head out to the outskirts of Victoria to dine, but when I am hanging out with PARAVI, Victoria’s homegrown paranormal research and investigation society, we visited Six Mile Pub to check out its supernatural history. Or for me, to check out one of their many flavourful burgers.

The first time I was here, I ordered their Guinness Cheese and Bacon Burger ($16.50) as a take out meal. I did not want to pass up the chance in case I did not return.

The singular large crisp onion ring really made this particular meal stand out, and I quite liked the toasty warm bun. I thought the meat was very tender. It tasted was like it was braised; the juicy softness complemented the added crunch very well. And the tanginess of this particular dry stout tasted light on the cheese.

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Singing the Blues in Seattle

1510 7th Ave
Seattle, WA
(206) 452-1359

Word to the wise: if diners want to hit the super trendy Japanese restaurants in Seattle, especially Japonessa, get a reservation. After not being able to sweet talk my way to even one seat at the bar (it was just that packed), I walked away dejected and ended up at Blue C Sushi to sing, conveniently enough, the blues away. One glass of Sapporo was enough, and I treated myself to various plates of sushi that rolled by on a conveyor belt.

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